Why visit the Sleep Disorders Center at ACH?

You have a choice of where you can go to have a sleep study. We believe that the choice is a simple – the Sleep Disorders Center at ACH offers the very best Comfort, Safety, and Service!

The Sleep Disorders Center at ACH offers four private, hotel-like rooms. To aid in your comfort, each room has a large bed, a television and a private restroom complete with shower. We have a wide selection of bedtime snacks, and we offer a complimentary breakfast after your study is complete.

Many sleep centers are not located within a hospital. In the event that additional medical care is needed during your sleep study, the Sleep Disorders Center at ACH has emergency medical staff on hand. Each room is also equipped with state-of-the-art monitoring technology, to assure your safety while allowing for the best possible sleep study.

You are an individual and your service should be customized to your unique needs and desires. Prior to your visit, you will have the opportunity to complete a brief questionnaire that will allow us to better serve you during your stay. Before you arrive for your study, you can choose what type of bedtime snacks you would like and what temperature you would like your room to be. Hand massages are even available to aid in your comfort.

The Sleep Disorders Center at ACH offers sleep studies seven days a week, during the night or daytime. We will work with your schedule to meet your needs.

If your physician recommends that you have a sleep study, ask to have your study performed at the Sleep Disorders Center at Alliance Community Hospital. You deserve the very best Comfort, Safety and Service!

For more information on the Sleep Disorders Center, please call 330-596-7321. A valid photo ID and proof of insurance are required when checking into your scheduled appointment.

Brochure information- Please click a link below to open sleep study brochure pdf files.
Polysomnography Sleep Study (PSG)
Polysomnography Sleep Study with Multiple Sleep Latency Test
CPAP/BIPAP Titration

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