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New orthopedic doctor joins AIMM

November 10, 2016

Dr. Ryan Ficco brings trauma experience to Alliance Community Medical Foundation

Dr. Ryan Ficco is not in Kansas anymore. Last month, the Alliance Institute of Musculoskeletal Medicine (AIMM) added Ficco to its staff which already included Drs. David Mungo and Michael Necci. The practice, a part of the Alliance Community Medical Foundation, is a provider of orthopedic care, sports medicine and physical rehabilitation.

For Ficco, the move from his job in Kansas to Alliance is just what he was looking for -- a slower environment and a calmer life.

He said he was drawn to the sciences in school and wanted to do something clinical rather than lab work. "I definitely wanted to work with people," he said of his choice to go into medicine.

Ficco said after going through different rotations, he decided that the technical and hands-on specialty of orthopedics was the right fit for him. His experience as a former wrestler, cross country and track athlete may have also played a role in his choice of career. "I think the mentality in terms of competitiveness, the camaraderie and some of the hands-on and technical aspects of both sports and surgery, I think there's some parallels there," he explained.

From Western Pennsylvania, the doctor attended John Carroll University and The Ohio State University College of Medicine before doing training in Miami, Florida, for five years and a doing a trauma fellowship in Tennessee. He then took on an opportunity that focused on trauma in Kansas, where he worked for the past two years, but he found he and his wife, Cheryl, whom he met in Columbus during medical school, needed a change of pace.

"When I made the decision to go practice out in Kansas, we didn't have any children and I was thinking, 'This is a good place to work,'" he recalled. "There was a big need in the community, so it was very good from a job perspective. But we had a son when we were out there and that really changed our perspective and our priorities, so we wanted to come back home."

Ficco said he learned that trauma work was a "one-dimensional" life and didn't leave a lot of room for other things like family. He wanted to find a better work-life balance so he made a call to the Alliance practice in the hopes they needed another doctor. It just so happened they were interested in adding to the practice.

"Here we kind of have it all. It's a wonderful practice, a wonderful environment and we're close to family," he said. "It's where we want to be, so it's a much more balanced life than what we had out there."

The background and training he received in the bigger cities has already come in handy and brought something new to Alliance. He said his experience treating complex fractures allowed him to work all over the body, making him familiar with the anatomy in all different areas. "That opens up the door for me to do a lot of complex joint reconstruction," he said. "I've been treating some pretty complicated infections here and other problems that probably would have been sent out before I got here, so I bring a new dimension in terms of I can take care of really complicated problems because that's what I was doing before, in addition to doing some of the more straightforward stuff."

Ficco said he's grateful for the opportunity and that his fellow doctors have been so accommodating, helpful and supportive.

"Im just here to help and bring a skillset that adds some new dimensions," he added. "I'm here to help the hospital and the practice and help the community. It's going to take some time for me to evolve and really adapt and see how I can best do that, but so far it's been a really good experience and I look forward to doing that hopefully for the rest of my career."

Ficco resides in Damascus with his family, which includes West Branch graduate Cheryl, almost 2-year-old son Max and another baby on the way.

Ficco is accepting new patients. Appointments can be made by calling AIMM at 330-596-6500. The office is located just west of the hospital at 1900 S. Union Ave., Suite 100.

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