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June 1, 2008

If you see a member of the Alliance Community Hospital Protective Services team, make sure to thank them – and to offer congratulations on the achievement of being selected as ACH’s June 2008 Department of the Month.

ACH Protective Services provides security and peace of mind to all ACH patients, visitors and Colleagues every day.

Protective Services provides vital services in seven separate areas, thanks to the dedicated efforts of the 32 Colleagues comprising its staff. These areas include: in-house security, patient transport, in-house messenger service, outside courier service, outside patient transport, physician shuttle service and visitor shuttle service.

"I’m very proud of this team. They routinely exceed expectations," James McGeehen, Director of Protective Services for ACH, said.

McGeehen polled his staff and determined that their collective favorite part of the job is "the friendly, family-type atmosphere of ACH." He said Colleagues build on this and implement Plantree by "making every effort to provide our customers the best service we can."

Of his staff, he noted that, "Through the diversity of our department, we utilize each other’s strengths to provide the best experience possible for our patients."

McGeehen provided some interesting statistics about the efforts of the ACH Protective Services department within the last year.

Did you know that in 2007:

  • The Protective Services department conducted more than 3,900 floor rounds and 3,800 parking lot rounds
  • In-house transport transferred more than 26,500 patients
  • The messenger service completed nearly 6,000 rounds
  • Outside couriers made 16,000 trips for ACH, while the outside patient transport made another 10,000 trips
  • The physician shuttle provided transportation to physician offices for more than 5,000 patients
  • The white shuttle vehicle (often seen in front of the hospital) provided 15,000 shuttles for patients and their family members

Department Colleagues include: Jane Amabeli, Emily Baglia, Wayne Bailey, Anina Beegle, Daniel Bruni, Marty Clark, Joy Curfman, Dean Custer, Brian Deack, Tiffany Emplit, Donald Fryfogle, Bobbie Globeck, Kimberly Griffith, Samuel Hatcher, Robert Havlin, Diana Lucas, Marlene Madison, Steven McDaniel, Joseph McElroy, James McGeehen, Cheryl Nannah, Gabriel Pierce, Dante Pisanello, Carrie Plath, Tara Satterfield, Ronald Sheets, Jeanelle Thorn, Cynthia Vernon, TJ Yost and Shannon Zufall.

Well done, Protective Services.

Congratulations on your well-deserved recognition as Department of the Month!

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