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ACH Holds Tornado Safety Drill

May 23, 2008

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Luckily -- not a real one.

James McGeehen, Director of Protective Services for ACH, announced that the hospital and its CommunityCareCenter conducted an emergency preparedness exercise on Wednesday, May 21st.

“With tornado season upon us and so many areas of the country being devastated by the injuries and wreckage left behind after the storms, we want to take caution to be as prepared as possible in case of a disaster.  The safety and well-being of our patients, visitors and staff is our highest priority,†he said.

McGeehen led a drill that simulated the consequences of an actual tornado in Alliance.  An emergency command center was established in an area of the hospital's Emergency Department and a mock media information post was also formed in the Health Caring Resource Library, just off the main lobby.

About 10 students from AllianceCommunityHigh School participated in the mock tornado, acting as hospital in-patients.  ACH volunteers took part in the exercise, as well, filling the roles of Senior Care patients and actual CCC residents also participated.  All of the participants were evacuated in the same manner as would occur in a real emergency situation.

“We accounted for several scenarios, including falls, cuts and other injuries that involve our Emergency Room,†said McGeehen, noting that the entire hospital was involved in the drill.

The entire exercise lasted about two hours.

“Our goal was to assess areas of strength and weakness so that we can maximize efficiency and quality of care, in case a real emergency situation presents itself.  We feel this was a very useful exercise,†McGeehen said.

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