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ACH Chantix Prescription Update

May 30, 2008

To: Colleagues or Family Members who have received CHANTIX Prescriptions from Alliance Community Hospital<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


From:  Paul Witkowski, PharmD, Director of Pharmacy


Re:   A Public Health Advisory about CHANTIX


The FDA has issued an updated Public Health Advisory regarding CHANTIX, a prescription medication used to help individuals quit smoking, due to a large number of serious injury reports and adverse drug reaction reports it has received from individuals taking this medication.


The purpose of this letter is to help those whom:

1.       Are taking CHANTIX.  ACH wants to make you aware of the kinds of problems being reported, in case you find yourself experiencing similar problems.

2.       Have taken CHANTIX.  If you feel you have experienced any of the reactions or problems being reported, either during the time while you were taking CHANTIX or now, if you are currently taking it.


In either case, we want you to contact us to schedule an appointment with ACH so that we can help you to prepare an FDA Adverse Reaction Report.


It's important to note that the types of problems being associated with CHANTIX had not been identified while the drug was in its research and testing phase, rather, they were identified during the FDA-mandated “Post-Marketing Surveillance†phase.


Clearly, the FDA's (and ACH's) reaction to this situation is reflective of a system that is working properly and putting patient need above all else. 


The following problems have been reported by some individuals who have taken or are taking CHANTIX:


·         Suicidal thoughts, behaviors, or acts

·         Changes in personality resulting in increases in hostility or aggression

·         Psychosis (This can include hallucinations, or seeing things or hearing things that don't exist)

·         Accidental injuries or incidents (especially traffic accidents or falls), the causes of which are difficult to explain

·         Very unusual, vivid, or bizarre dreams

·         Temporary periods or blindness or other visual problems

·         Seizures or abnormal movements


CHANTIX remains an effective and reasonably safe medication and there is no definitive reason for patients to stop taking it if it is working well and none of the indicated problems are being experienced. Again, the vast majority of patients DO NOT experience any of these problems. However, due to the potential for problems associated with the use of CHANTIX, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) now prohibits pilots and air traffic controllers from taking CHANTIX while working.


If you feel you have experienced any of these problems, please report them to your doctor. ACH is also encouraging patients using CHANTIX to report any problems to any ACH pharmacist so that we may help you fill out and submit a confidential FDA Adverse Drug Reaction Report.


Please contact us through the pharmacy or by calling 330-596-7040.


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