Every person who walks through the doors of Alliance Community Hospital has a story to tell.

The Colleagues at ACH come in contact with hundreds of people day in and day out, but it only takes that one person to touch someone's heart and leave a lasting impression.

Below are stories and comments from patients and visitors of special "moments" they have experienced at Alliance Community Hospital.

"I appreciated the warm and friendly welcome and religious prayers at the registration desk. Thank you, we need more such efforts."

"Beautiful new hospital that is very clean and well maintained."

"The doctors and employees working throughout the hospital have been very considerate and thoughtful. Thank you all!"

"The total care was superb!"

"A big thank you goes to Dr. Hudzik and Tammy his nurse, as I've had a lot of surgery here."

Outpatient Therapy

"Last September, my son Tristan broke his arm playing football in the beginning of the season. The staff there was not only wonderful to him, but also to my then 3 and 4 year olds that came to all of his appointments. Tristan really enjoyed going to therapy and working with both Tiffany and Lori. The staff treated him like family. It really helped an active kid that was sidelined to be able to come and play while he worked to get his arm back in shape. The staff really knew how to push him to work hard, but always in a fun way.

I would recommend the ACH physical therapy department to anyone with a child that needs therapy."

A customer of Alliance Community Hospital went to a local physician and was asked if he wanted to receive therapy at the doctor's clinic.

The patient responded, "No, I want to go to Outpatient at Alliance Community Hospital."

The patient had previously come to ACH and really liked the therapy treatment he was given by Eric Murray, PT. He was very impressed with his outcome and said he would recommend Eric and the rest of the team to his family and friends.

This same patient also said he gave our ER another try and that he had a wonderful experience and was very pleased with his care. He commented that his wife always goes to Canton for treatments, but he would recommend to her and others to go to ACH.

He said he has been very pleased with his care and hopes that the good care continues.

"My mother-in-law was recently at ACH and cared for by ICU nurses and other staff. The care was outstanding. I was even more impressed because another family member was recently cared for at a major medical center in Columbus and the caring and compassion at Alliance was much better. Most amazing was that after all the staff did for my mother-in-law was how they cared for the whole family. Every time they left her room they also asked if there was anything else they could do for me or my husband."

"Last month, I was taking care of my mother who had hip-replacement surgery at Alliance Community Hospital in Ohio and I saw the Planetree model of care in action! I was extremely impressed with the effectiveness of the philosophy and the implementation at Alliance."

Pat Thomas, a nurse on PCU, took time out of her day after working a night shift to deliver a patient's medications that were left at ACH to Belair Nursing Home. No one asked her to do this, she took it upon herself because she is very caring for her patients.

Therapy Services

Friday ended with a call complimenting our therapy services. When asked what did you like most about our services? Her response was the people — "They were different and special versus the other places I have gone for therapy. They really connect with you as a person. They treated everyone as an individual and made you feel special."

3-East and PCU

" I....feel compelled to write and extend my sincere appreciation to the entire medical staff (doctors, nurses, student nurses, aides, lab techs, therapists plus the housekeeping staff) for making my stay as pleasant (or more so) than one would ever anticipate."

"The courtesies extended to my family and friends upon arrival for my admission and during the time of surgery was truly what could be called "extraordinaire." They were made to feel like family, not accessories to the fact, not an interruption of someone's work but the cause of it."

"On a scale of one to ten their efforts rate at least twelve and a half."

The patient and his wife said to be sure and express their thanks for such wonderful care while in the hospital. The patient was here in the 1940s and had a bad experience. He said he would never come back — and he never did until now! Now, he says he will never go anywhere else!

Everyone LOVES the new menus and the personal attention. They are really enjoying getting their meals in this manner.

"Wonderful care!"

"Friendly people all the way around!"

"Great food — we love the menus!"

Sleep Lab

"On the night I came in to take a sleep test, from the time I was greeted at the Sleep Test area on the first floor, I was was made to feel welcome.

Shannon, who got me hooked up and monitored me through the night was patient and wonderfully considerate. Debbie, who came in to talk to me after Shannon "de-wired" me, was friendly, concerned and thoughtful.

I feel I was being helped by a professional crew, as well as girls with compassion and kindness towards their patients. I thank one and all."

"Thank you all for the CPAP machine! I wouldn't have been able to get it without you thinking of me. I really appreciate all the work you did to make sure I got it and got it set up. Soon I should be sleeping like I never dreamed possible, and my whole life will improve, all because of your thoughtfulness. May God Bless all of you!"

Alliance Visiting Nurse Association & Hospice

"Cindy went above and beyond! She went out to see a patient and ended up staying several hours (10 to be exact!) with the patient and her daughter. The daughter really needed this time."

"Bev was very helpful to me regarding the leg sore and all over care. She goes out of her way to help, and explains things to me. I love her as a nurse. She is very dedicated all the time. An exceptional human being!"

I received a call from the patient who stated he had just gotten his bath from HCA, Terri — "She did a terrific job! She took her time and made him feel comfortable through the process. He just wanted someone to know!"

"I was able to sleep two nights in a row because Lynette told me to put a heated bag of rice on my back."

"Lori made us feel relaxed and not nervous. No matter how down I was that day, she would cheer me up. She is an angel and a Godsend. There needs to be more people like her. We pray for her every night."

"The family members of one of our patients said to tell everyone concerned how pleased they were with the wonderful care their family member has received. They love this hospital and the staff!"

This family said they were so pleased with the hospital and the staff — "Thanks to all!"

"The hospital and staff have treated me extremely well!"

"My stay has been so pleasant. Thanks to everyone who had any part in my care and recovery."

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