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Pet Therapy

Visits by our dogs are provided free of charge. If you are interested in a visit from a therapy dog, ask your nurse or call the Volunteer Office at 330-596-7822.

 Paws & Reflect Therapy Dogs International, Inc.

Paws & Reflect Pet Therapy Dogs are volunteers that visit Alliance Community Hospital and Community Care Center on a weekly basis. Our dogs come in all shapes and sizes—big and small and everything in between! Whether a purebred or a mixed breed, each dog has a unique personality. All of the dogs have been certified through Therapy Dogs International, Inc. All of the dogs are also covered by TDI’s insurance policy.

Meet Our Dogs

Abby is a golden retriever who is a social butterfly. She enjoys playing with her fur brother and sisters, Bear, Belle, Ebony, Tori and Heidi, who also come to the hospital and visit. She enjoys going for rides in the car, meeting new people, and watching TV. She loves to get baths and having her coat brushed. Abby's birthday is on Halloween and she enjoys wearing costumes. Abby's owner is Ruth DeFranco.

Amigo is 4 pounds of love. He loves car rides, cheese and ice cream. He likes to hang out with his uncles, Bear and Ryley Dean. You can usually find Amigo curled up besides his friend Zeus, who is a cat. Amigo likes to meet new people and enjoys being in the pet stroller with his other chihuahua friends. Amigo's owner is Ruth DeFranco.

Bentley is a Bolognese. He has 3 brothers and 1 sister. Although he is one of the smallest, he doesn’t realize that. He loves to cuddle and go anywhere as long as he is with his momma. Don’t even think about leaving him somewhere you are not. That is how he became part of my family. His favorite treat is pig ears. He is way too spoiled and he knows it! Bentley is such a loving dog and pulls on those heartstrings and doesn’t let go. His owner is Briana Blaser.

Bruhilda is an adopted American Mastiff born March 17, 2008. She loves visiting with people, taking walks, playing in the water from the garden hose, playing with her jolly ball, car rides, her stuffed animals and hanging out with sister Sophie. Hilda is owned by Susan Poirier.

Cinders was a rescued puppy mill dog that lived her entire life in a cage. She is a shih tzu-poodle mix, and is believed to be 7 years old as of 2013. She was bred to produce designer puppies. She had never been in grass, had treats, toys or had a comfortable bed.  Her foster mom decided she needed a name that fit her situation so she was named Cinderella or Cinders for short. Cinders is very smart and has picked up commands really fast. She loves to be held and go on walks. She had never been on a leash or had a collar but adjusted well learning how to be a loved dog. She is now the princess that she deserves to be. Her foster mom adopted her and welcomed her into her family of furkids. She is owned by Ruth DeFranco.

Davey is a Siberian Husky.  He enjoys laying in the sun on lazy summer days, drinking water from the garden hose, playing in the snow in the dead of winter, running (on a leash of course), playing catch, and car rides. He knows his shocking blue eyes melts hearts and he also likes to sing...or howl. As soon as Dave was rescued by his owner, it was clear that being a therapy dog came natural to him. He passed his therapy dog test when he was only 1.5 years old!  Dave absolutely loves people and children. He regularly visits schools, the library where children read to him, and the hospital.  You may even see him at local markets and festivals every now and again.  Dave’s owner is Maxine Middleton.

Delilah is a golden retriever and Abby and Whisper's cousin. She is retired from breeding after having her last litter of 12 puppies. Misty Meadows Kennels gave Delilah to Ruth after her last litter and knew that she would be a great therapy dog. She loves to play in the snow, eat pizza and play ball with Abby. She is enjoying being with her cousins and visiting with them at the hospital, schools and library. She is owned by Ruth DeFranco.

Dezl was a boxer.  He loved getting a bath and going anywhere in the car. He was happy as long he had company! He ruled the roost over his younger brother Bugzee the Pug. He enjoyed being outside, as long as he could cool off in the air conditioning after. Dezl loved people, especially children or anyone who will give him some attention. Dezl’s owner was Briana Blaser. Dezl passed on Monday, June 23, 2014. He will be missed.

RIP Dezl

Ebony is a lhasa apso and is Tori’s grandmother.  At her age, Ebony enjoys going for walks, riding in the car and just soaking up the sun’s rays.  She loves to roll over on her back and have someone scratch her belly.  We all have a piece of childhood in our being, and for Ebony, that means being carried around and loved like a little baby,  She is very quiet and does not require a lot of attention.  She is just happy to be able to sit back with a nice cold drink and watch the world go by! Her owner is Jennifer Henderson.

Emmet is a border- collie/“something-or-other” mixed breed.  He loves people & children of all ages.  He just love being a therapy dog & visiting with the patients and residents at ACH & CCC.  It makes him very happy to have them pet him & praise him & tell him how handsome he is.  It also makes him very happy to brighten someone’s day & bring a smile to their face.  He has 2 doggie brothers & a doggie sister at home & they like to play hide & seek and fetch the Frisbee.  But most of all, they love being spoiled rotten by their human parents, Don & Diane Fugate.

Enzo is a one year old English Bulldog with an infectious personality. He loves new adventures and going anywhere to meet new people. Enzo loves to go to obedience class and to learn new tricks.  He is practicing to learn to ride his SpongeBob skateboard, in hopes to perform at the hospital.  His favorite treat is chicken. Enzo has 2 brothers and 2 sisters. His owner is Briana Blaser. 

Gigi is a female Havenese born May 20, 2012. Her favorite treat is a dried apricot. She is very smart and knows many tricks. She loves to play dress up and have bows in her hair. Her favorite visitors are children. Her owners are blessed to have her and she shows her love by allowing them to live in her home!

 Heidi is a long haired chihuahua. She likes to go shopping at the pet store and give kisses to everyone she meets. Pizza is one of her favorite foods. Her owner is Ruth DeFranco.

Junior is a Yellow Lab that has big feet, loves to get his belly scratched and give kisses. He live in Atwater with his owners John and Connie Fussell, and doggie siblings, Jane and Spooky and a bunch of chickens and ducks that he's not allowed to play with. Junior goes to work everyday with John and Connie. He likes to sit out front and watch all the people walk by, hoping they'll stop and pet him. He gets lots of attention from ACH patients too! 


Mocha is a Chihuahua and she is a diva! She loves getting her nails painted and shopping at the pet store. She enjoy visiting the hospital, schools and nursing homes and putting a smile on everyone’s face. Her owners are Mark, Kristi and Abby Moore.

Molly is a porkie (yorkie and pomeranian mix). Her birthday is February 11, 2009. Her favorite treat is Nature's Recipe. She is a very loving dog, who wants to be with mom or dad all the time. Molly's owner is JoAnn Szwarc.

Paco is a pug and one of nine dogs in his house! He is the baby and is spoiled rotten. Paco's owner is Stacy Allen.

Paxi is a sweet, good natured Yorkshire Terrior. She was born in the state of Georgia prompting her official name, Paxton Georgiana! Proving she's a 'southern' dog, you usually find her laying in the sun on a sunny afternoon. She enjoys being outdoors getting some fresh air, looking for her outdoor buddies (birds and squirrels), or just hanging out. She not quite sure of the Ohio snow, but she's adjusting and becoming a snow dog.

Indoors Paxi LOVES all her toys particularly her fury ones. When given the opportunity, Paxi tirelessly runs after a lazer light! When she needs to rest from play or to take a nap, Paxi finds the nearest pillow or person to snuggle up on or next to. She's warm and sweet spirited, adored by many when she visits schools, hospitals, libraries or the local Hardware Store. Her owner is Karen Kurtz.

Payton is a black pug. She has eight other doggie brothers and sisters. She has grey on her chin and chest, but she has earned it because she has had two litters of puppies and three of her puppies still live at home. Payton has a very spunky attitude and likes to do fun tricks. One of the tricks that she loves doing is riding her skateboard. She loves everybody and getting scratched on her back. Payton's owner is Stacy Allen.

Petie is a 12 pound miniature dachshund. He was born on December 30, 2004. His mother is a wirehaired doxi and his father has a smooth coat like Petie.

Petie loves to take walks in the park and indulge himself in his most favorite past time...sniffing! He loves to follow a scent (it's the hound in him). He is well known and loved by everyone in the neighborhood. On Halloween he loves to greet the little goblins in his costume and pass out candy. He is definitely a people person (dog).

He is a wonderful lap dog and likes to cuddle. With his sweet disposition he will make a grat therapy dog. Petie is absolutely a weiner winner. Petie's owner is Barb Devies.

Hello, my name is Pierce. I am a fawn pug. I have eight doggie brothers and sisters. My favorite thing to do is snuggle on the couch with somebody. I am extremely laid back and every person I meet is my best friend. I am the biggest pug in the house. My nickname is Pugzilla! My dog mom and sister both visit at Alliance Community Hospital with me and we live in the same house. My mom is the best and she takes me everywhere. We go to the hospital, nursing homes, and schools. Overall, I just love getting attention and being around people. Pierce's owner is Stacy Allen.

Hi, my name is Piper. I am a brown and black brindle greyhound who retired from the race track. They said I wasn't a good racer, but what do they know! I love being petted, playing and going for rides. I love everyone I see. I am just getting started in therapy work, but my 15 year old sister was in it and said it's really fun. I passed my TDI test on July 26, 2009 and will now get to visit ACH, nursing homes and programs for kids. Besides my therapy work, I do a lot of volunteering with the Ohio Greyhound Gathering. My adopted mom is Karen Miller.

My name is Pixie, which is short for Pixie Stick. I am a black pug who has eight doggie brothers and sisters. I also have two people sisters, a mom, and a dad. When I sleep I snore really loud! I don’t like to be alone and I love being with my brother Pierce. When I’m not with my brother, I am with my mom visiting at Alliance Community Hospital. I am very sweet and loving. I like little kids a lot. I also love being the center of attention and letting everyone pet me. My owner is Stacy Allen.

Porsche the “boss” is a Bolognese. She is the youngest female as well as one of the smallest in the house (she doesn’t realize that, or care). Porsche loves to wear her doggie clothes and has a closet full of them. Her favorite treat is Buffy’s Bones, she even likes her nails painted and to pose for pictures. She has one sister and four brothers that all obey her every command. Porsche’s owner is Briana Blaser. 


My name is Pugsley. I am a five-year old rescued pug and my mom thinks I am the best pug in the house! I come from a big family of eight doggie brothers and sisters, two people sisters, my mom, and my dad. My mom is Stacy Forchione-Allen and she spends a lot of time with me. I am very much a momma’s boy and I’m proud of it. She is the one who takes me to schools, nursing homes, libraries, and hospitals. My mom also does other things with me like playing agility. The one thing we don’t agree on is when she puts silly outfits on me. When she does this I show her that I am unhappy by making my curly tail go straight. One thing I like a lot is my puggy buggy! Overall, I am very laid back and quiet. I’m also the smallest pug in my house. My owner is Stacy Allen.

My name is Punk'n  and I'm a Golden Retriever. Everyone says that I have big paws, but once you meet meand see how loving and caring I am, my big paws won’t matter,I will just leave you with my paw prints forever. I love meeting people, going for rides in the car and just hanging out at home with my 2 furry sisters, Tanna and Ava. I am just getting started in the therapy work and will be visiting Alliance Community Hospital, and going to the library for the reading program for children. Ruth DeFranco will always have a very special place in my heart for rescuing and training me to be the good therapy dog that I am. My best friend and owner is Janet Goodrich.

Remington is a Lhasa Apso and loves to go for walks in the park. His favorite treat is pizza crusts. His best buddy is his son, Schroeder. He secretly hopes that Schroeder doesn’t become a therapy dog so he can spend more time with his mom Lynn Miller.

Royce is a Bolognese. He has a loving and cuddly personality that is infectious. He loves to play with his brothers and sisters and all of his toys. He is a great addition to the family and fits right in. Royce’s favorite treat is any kind of cheese. His easy going personality makes him such a great Therapy dog. His owner is Briana Blaser.

Ryley Dean is a 4 1/2 pound chihuahua that makes everyone his friend. Ryley lives with Bear, Belle and Heidi. They have taught him how to be a good therapy dog. He enjoys curling up on the couch and watching TV and eating popcorn. He is learning to ride Bear's motorcycle and can ride in the hummer that belongs to Bear and Belle. Ryley is named after Bear's Grandpa, Dean Baker who used to visit the hospital with Bear. Ryley Dean is handled by Ruth DeFranco and Lynn Sullivan.

Sammy is an English Springer Spaniel, whose full name is Chestnut Creek Farms Sampson. He was born on Groundhog's Day in 2009. His favorite activities are chasing tennis balls and agility classes. He also like the elderly, as he visits Auburn where his owner works on a regular basis. He likes a good peanut butter cracker every now and then! Sammy also loves to dock dive when he gets the chance. His owners are Diana and Sammy Tenzek.

Scamper is a minature dachshund. He was born & bred to be a therapy dog at ACH. He is always especially excited to visit the OB department where many of the parents of his doggie brothers & sisters work. Scamper loves to cuddle up & take naps with whoever is willing. He has many doggie tricks he loves to perform in front of an audience and he is currently working on his talents on his agility course at home. Scamper also likes to play fetch, go swimming, & to wrestle with his cat siblings, Libby & Biggums. Although Scamper is very friendly... watch out! Because he is very protective of the new familly addition, Kaylee, Scamper's new infant (human) sister. Anywhere she goes, Scamper is right there beside her.

Scamper's owner is Sarah-beth Stratton.

Smoochie is a long haired Chihuahua and is a retired breeding dog that only weighs 5 pounds. She is a princess that loves to be held, brushed and dressed up. She loves visiting the hospital. Smoochie tolerates two brothers Bugzee and Dezl, whom she competes with to go to the hospital for visits. Smoochie’s owners are Briana Blaser and Ruth Defranco.

Sohpie is an adopted Great Dane and was born in 2006.  She loves riding in the car, going for walks, hanging out with her sister Hilda and getting lots of attention. Her owner is Susan Poirier.

Star is a chihuahua. She is Smoochie's daughter and was a former show dog. After having a c-section for a litter of puppies, she retired from the show circle. She loves to listen to music and go on walks. She looks up with her big brown eyes and begs you to pick her up. Her owner is Ruth DeFranco.

Tori is a lhasa apso.  She and Bear are best friends – strictly platonic!  She is a tomboy and will consent to wearing a dress occasionally, but she is much happier in blue jeans and sweats.  She loves the outdoors, particularly going for rides on warm summer days when she knows an ice cream treat will be part of the fun.  Tori loves everyone and just wants to make everyone smile.  If permitted, Tori would curl up for hours on end on someone’s lap. Tori is handled by Ruth DeFranco and Lynn Miller.

Whisper is a golden retriever and is Abby's cousin. She loves to go on car rides and eat ice-cream and pizza. Whisper loves to play ball and hide and seek. She has the natural ability to be a therapy dog. When she arrives at the hospital, she jumps out of the car and is ready to visit .Whisper also visits nursing homes, libraries where children read to her, and schools. Whisper has the gentlest eyes and is always ready to be petted. Whisper is handled by Ruth McClelland, Lynn Sullivan, Danese Martin and Ruth DeFranco.


Free Lecture Luncheon - Parkinson's Disease

September 9, 2014

Join us for a FREE Community Lecture Luncheon - "Living with Parkinson's Disease" on Friday, September 12th in Conference Room 1A at the hospital. Please RSVP for this event by calling 330-596-7575.

Hundreds take part in Steppin' Out for Hospice 5K

August 28, 2014

The Alliance Community Hospital Foundation hosted its annual “Steppin Out for Hospice 5K Run/Walk” on Saturday August 23rd.  This annual twilight event raises money for the Hospital’s Alliance Visiting Nurse and Hospice program....


August 6, 2014

Six months ago, Alliance Community Hospital's Outpatient Therapy Department hoped its new program of simple, purposeful movement would make a difference to participants. With several tai chi classes now complete, that hope is becoming a reality. Instructor and athletic trainer Lindsay Reynolds said the classes have been very successful thus far and are accomplishing what she had hoped.

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