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What's Your Snore Score?

Snoring can be a harmless habit or an indication of a serious sleep disorder. This short quiz can help you to determine if you have a sleep problem that could be evaluated at the Sleep Disorders Center at Alliance Community Hospital.

Answer the questions by choosing the number that most appropriately describes your situation:

1 - Never
2 - Very Infrequently
3 - Occasionally
4 - Often
5 - Always or Almost Always

  1. How often have you been told you snore?
  2. Does your snoring disturb your bed partner?
  3. Does your snoring disturb others in the next room?
  4. Has your snoring progressively worsened?
  5. Do you snore when you sleep on your back?
  6. Do you snore when you sleep in all positions?
  7. Have you been told that you stop breathing for long periods between snores?
  8. Has your snoring ever caused you to wake up suddenly?
  9. Does your bedroom partner leave the room to sleep elsewhere because of your snoring?
  10. Has your snoring caused you social embarrassment on vacations, at conferences or while staying in hotels?

Your Snore Score

A score of 3 or higher on questions 1 through 4 indicates that your snoring almost certainly interferes with your personal life.

A score of 3 or higher on questions 4, 7 and 8 indicates there’s a likelihood you experience apnea during sleep. You should consult with your physician.

Your answer to question 5 may indicate that your snoring is probably due to the effect of gravity on the tissues of your upper airway rather than to any basic anatomical obstruction. You are what is called a "positional snorer." Remedies that encourage you to sleep on your side or stomach may be sufficient.

If you scored 4 or higher on question 6, your snoring is most likely the result of a physical obstruction.

A score of 3 or higher on all questions indicates that apnea is very likely. You should consult with your physician and have a sleep study performed to evaluate your sleep and snoring.

If your physician recommends that you have a sleep study, ask to have your study performed at the Sleep Disorders Center at Alliance Community Hospital. You deserve the very best Comfort, Safety and Service!

For more information on the Sleep Disorders Center, please call 330-596-7321.

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September 9, 2014

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August 6, 2014

Six months ago, Alliance Community Hospital's Outpatient Therapy Department hoped its new program of simple, purposeful movement would make a difference to participants. With several tai chi classes now complete, that hope is becoming a reality. Instructor and athletic trainer Lindsay Reynolds said the classes have been very successful thus far and are accomplishing what she had hoped.

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