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Illuminated panels are featured in a number of the imaging exam rooms, having a calming effect on patients during their procedures.

Ultrasound technologists at Alliance Community Hospital are primarily focused on patient reassurance and comfort. To help maintain a sense of privacy and security, the patient is typically allowed to wear their own clothing during the exam. As an extra comfort to the patient, ultrasound gel that has been warmed to a comparable temperature to that of the patient’s body temperature is used. Their goal is to make the experience as stress-free as possible, while also obtaining the necessary clinical information needed for the patient’s care.

Ultrasound (or "sonography") is a procedure that uses high-frequency sound waves to show what is inside your body. Ultrasound is an excellent tool in several diagnostic situations, including: examining the fetus during pregnancy, visualizing certain gynecological functions in non-pregnant women, revealing information about tumors and cysts, evaluating the gallbladder and related organs and for non-invasive evaluation of vascular disease.

Since the body contains over 90% water, sound waves can be used in some parts of the body just as sonar is used in the ocean. Each time the sound hits a tissue, an echo is sent back. Sophisticated, high-speed computers can use these echoes to create an image of your internal organs. This results in a very detailed examination, which aids the physician in their diagnosis. Ultrasound technologists at Alliance Community Hospital are educated in optimizing the equipment capabilities.

An ultrasound examination is fast, with very little discomfort. No radiation or x-rays are necessary.

If you have any further questions, feel free to call our Ultrasound Department at 330-596-7796.

To schedule an exam, please call Centralized Scheduling at 330-596-7187.

To view our Ultrasound brochure, click here   |   To view a printable version of our Ultrasound brochure, click here

Ultrasound Exam Instructions

ACH Auxiliary Awards Scholarships

June 4, 2014

The Alliance Community Hospital Auxiliary recently awarded three area seniors the Dr. James J. Thomas Scholarship. This $1,500 scholarship is awarded annually to three recipients who are interested in entering the medical field.

Shape up your Sinuses

April 16, 2014

Dr. David Kanagy, an otolaryngologist with the Alliance Community Medical Foundation, is offering sinus sufferers some relief using an in-office balloon sinuplasty procedure. In the last year, Kanagy became one of the only doctors in a six-county area to begin doing the procedure in the office under local anesthesia, which means no sedation, no IV, no gowns, and no visit to the hospital's surgical department.

ACH enters agreement with Foundation Radiology Group

April 9, 2014

To provide a consistently high level of care delivery, Foundation Radiology Group and Alliance Community Hospital have entered into a partnership to provide diagnostic imaging services to patients and physicians in Alliance and surrounding areas. Foundation Radiology brings the expertise of a large, highly skilled team of imaging experts to community hospitals across the area. By partnering with Foundation, these hospitals are able to rapidly expand the capabilities of their imaging team in order to keep their patients local.

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